About mathematics and school mathematics

I used to be a mathematician, but when capitalism came, I had to give up regular classes in mathematics and pursue other activities. This fate befell a great many Russians who were forced to give up their profession. Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances sometimes ask me how I endured this catastrophe in my life, how I managed to give up mathematics, to which I had previously devoted myself completely? Strangely enough, it was easy. The fact seems to be that I have not given up mathematics by stopping to do mathematics regularly and to publish papers on mathematics. I think mathematically, I have not abandoned the mathematical style of expressing my thoughts orally or in writing, so I continue to consider myself a mathematician. Mathematics is not something that can be abandoned.

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 The modern world sets challenging tasks for education: learning should be interesting, knowledge should be applicable in practice, learning should take place in an entertaining form, and all this, by all means, should bring good fruits in the child's future - high-paying jobs, self-actualization, high intellectual performance.

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