7 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics. Fresh Ideas

7 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
A comparison paper aims to either compare or contrast something. This type of writing is the easiest one as it helps students use critical thinking skills. However, some students find it difficult to choose an interesting and effective theme to research.
Below you will find a list of 7 compare and contrast essay topics that you are welcome to use in your writing. As you look through the following list, you will surely find something that you feel passionate and interested in.

Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas

  1. Apple vs. Microsoft
  2. Texting friends vs. Talking to them
  3. Using public transport vs. Driving own car
  4. Comic books vs. Magazines
  5. Energy drink vs. Coffee
  6. Twitter vs. Facebook
  7. Civil union vs. Marriage

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. Useful Tips

Following the next instructions will help you to cope with essay writing difficulties. Before you start writing this type of paper, ensure that you have a clear understanding of what you are going to research. Compare and contrast essay has to discuss differences and similarities between the chosen subjects.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

Start writing an introduction that aims to catch the interest of the audience. Think about interesting ways to lead into your topic. You may provide an interesting question or statistics. Then name the two subjects that will be discussed in your essay.
In the first body paragraph write main features of the first subject. In this section you may include different examples, differences and similarities. Properly acquaint your reader with the topic.
The next paragraph should start with the presentation of the second subject. Provide different examples and show differences and similarities. Do not bore your reader, write short phrases and sentences.
The summary should provide a general overview of the most significant similarities and differences. Restate a thesis statement that was written in the intro however, do not provide new information at the end of your paper.
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