7 High School Essay Topics. Choosing the Best One

7 High School Essay Topics
Writing an essay can be a daunting and boring task for lots of students. Those scholars that have poor writing skills and lack of knowledge often face writing difficulties.
You may have a lot of confusion when choosing the appropriate essay topic. To make it easier, we have gathered main tips and recommendations that will help you to select an outstanding topic and compose a powerful paper within a deadline.

How to Choose High School Essay Topics? Main Recommendations

  • Select something is interesting to you. You audience will surely notice if you are interested in the topic. Keep in mind, if your reader is bored with your essay, you will never receive high marks.
  • Choose something that you now. Do not write a massive project, the best for you and your results is to pick something that you already know.
  • Once you have collected some ideas, it is better to narrow down them to a manageable size.
  • Try to find an effective way to approach the chosen topic.
  • Start research, write an outline and brainstorm.
It seems that selecting both interesting and motivating theme for your essay is impossible, thankfully to this article you will find fresh and new ideas that can be chosen as an essay topic. We have gathered 7 high school essay topics that are relevant, controversial and catchy to help you to choose the right one.
1. Relationship
No matter who is a reader, this topic will surely interest the audience. Write about marriage, family or divorce.
2. The Death Penalty
This topic is the most popular for centuries.
3. Healthcare
You will find tons of literature concerning this topic as it's become a national concern. If you choose this theme, your essay will surely capture the attention of the reader.
4. Politics
This topic is good as it brought many interesting achievements, scandals and debates.
5. Education
Offer your personal opinions on the particular education system. Catch the attention of your tutor.
6. Religion and Science
Offer your own thoughts and ideas concerning these global issues. Make your paper memorable.
7. Terrorism
Another important and hot aspect that should be properly discussed.
We hope our suggestions concerning high school essay topics will be useful for you. Select actual and popular themes to “hook” the interest of your reader.
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