Popular College Essay Topics. How to Choose the Right One

Popular College Essay Topics
Writing your college essay can be a quite ambitious process. Lots of students ask what makes a powerful essay topic? If you face some difficulties while choosing the appropriate essay theme, check out our recommendations.
Choose that topic which inspires and motivates you to produce a powerful and effective research.
Essay Topic Recommendations
So, let's determine what should college students write about? Admission officers are searching for such issues in your college essay: the level of your writing, unique perspective and your topic.
How to Choose an Effective Topic. 
The first thing that should be done before choosing your essay topic is determining your purpose. Think if your purpose will persuade the reader to believe you. Make a list of subjects that may be useful for you. Look around, you may find many things that will be interesting for you. The best is to evaluate each potential topic. Determine what feelings do you have concerning the particular topic. Before you start writing your paper, look one more time at the theme you have chosen.
Places to Find Outstanding Essay Topics
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Personal challenges.
  • Own experience.

Popular College Essay Topics

We have gathered 7 popular college essay topics. Carefully read them and choose the most appropriate one. Think what motivates and inspires you. Make a list of all issues and choose the most interesting one.
  • Consider any experience that was significant to you in some period of time. This can be your personal achievement that made a great impact on you.
  • A good chance to present you qualities is considering a topic that indicates a person who has made a solid impact on you.
  • Another topic to consider is to describe a historical person or creative work that made an influence on you.
  • How to write an outstanding essay in a short amount of time?
  • Describe the experience that will show what you can bring to the diversity in a college life.
  • Evaluate a serious risk that you have taken and show its impact on you.
  • Describe a failure that had made a solid impact on you.
  • Show you passion to the tutor. How do you love to spend your free time?
Keep in mind, colleges are not searching for perfect students, they are in need of fresh, new and memorable stories. Choose a topic that your tutor will surely remember.
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